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To fully break free from the chronic brain disease that is addiction, you need assistance from trained professionals who can get to know you and your condition and apply a customized addiction treatment plan to the foolproof structure at our addiction recovery center.

You need compassion, empathy, kindness, and care to go along with that. Read on to see how all these things will synthesize into one comprehensive addiction recovery program that will help you out of this disease and propel you into a brand new life.


Group & Individual Therapy

The first thing you will do after you come to terms with your addiction is enroll in our drug detox clinic for supervised withdrawal.


Dual Diagnosis

While your body goes through the process of expelling the harmful chemicals that keep you dependent upon drugs, you will go through detox and experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and side effects.


Sober Living

To make sure this process goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible, we need to watch over your progress to make sure your detox is safe and effective.


Substance Abuse

Then you will be able to move on to long-term treatment.

Dorsey Recovery




Our Team Of Experienced And Highly Skilled Staff Will Offer Have A Range Of Therapies

In group meetings, you will work together to help each other overcome triggers and cravings through dialogue. The people you work with will provide support and care, and the empathy you experience will motivate and inspire you. Not only will the helpful tips and insight come in handy when you leave our addiction recovery clinic, you will be able to call upon them when you need them.